Introduction #1

Hyperalgesia is Seeing Red.

I am posting blogs or I will post blogs continuing toward that theme.

Please feel free to leave comments. I look forward to them! Just know that…

For now I am more interested in style, syntax, flow and entertainment (while hopefully making it somewhat thought provoking), more than how the content moves you. Think of how you wouldn’t leave a movie and go call the director and ask what he meant by the indirect video sequences of the graphic shower scene in Psycho, right?

Phew, that was close!


The director would, however, read and listen to critiques and respond immediately or in a subsequent movie or short film. Hopefully my blogs will bring some news, entertainment and food for thought. Thank you for your time taken to read my blogs and posts. Please return sometime to read more or even to set up your own. This has been fun so far.



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